Trails: Connecting Communities podcast cover image of three women walking on trail

Trails: Connecting Communities — PODCAST

Join Heckrodt Wetland Reserve’s Chris Langenfeld as he discusses environmental literacy and how the Reserve is working to inclusively bring that to the Fox Valley on the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley’s Voices from the Valley podcast.

“The Fox Valley region is full of walking and biking trails that connect our communities. But who uses them and are they accessible to all? And what should we be thinking about when it comes to making improvements so that more people can enjoy all that our communities have to offer? 

There are so many ways people are getting involved in these projects, from generous donors who are supporting these projects financially, to local leaders and environmental specialists who are rolling up their sleeves to talk about the best way to improve trails in the Fox Valley…”


Listen to the full podcast by the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region below.

(Chris Langenfeld begins at 7:45)

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